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219 thoughts on “Pennies slot makineleri”

  1. Clearly see the potential of this slot now, fantastic result for you…..thanks for posting….

    • We hope so too! 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 ~m&g

  2. Thats a great game played it many times here in australia always walked away with a win hope next time you get the 3 dynamite it pays well also well done great win its actually a better feature than lightning link pays better regards peter

  3. Interesting enough in Aua its called Dynamite Dollars and Piggy Pays. I think its a copyright thing lol

  4. I prefer it over most Konami games. It can really pay out. Congrats on the hit!!!

    • We cant stand most other Konami games so this is a first for us to love All Aboard! Thanks for watching! ~m&g

  5. Had this in Australia for so long now. Its screwed me over many times hahaha. I honestly prefer this compared to lightning.

    • That is what we are hearing from many of our Australian viewers. We didnt think anything could top Lightning Link!! 🥂 ~m&g

  6. Love this game, but oh man is it unpredictable! Imagine if it was a couple of minors instead of minis lol! Congrats M&G!

  7. We have the dynamite dash version, its always paid out for me. Every time Ive played, Im at least $50 up, and first time playing it I won $340 off $5.

    • That’s great! We enjoy playing the new Konami games. Thanks for watching ~ m&g 🥂

    • Glad we played your favorite for you Rosie! Thank you for watching! ~m&g

  8. WOW!!! Awesome hit MG!! That’s unreal what a fun looking game! Great video keep them coming bud!!!

  9. The first part I thought, that game is rubbish but the trains are cool. Then the second part showed its potential. Great video, thumbs up.

  10. The bonus in this game can make or break you. Imagine you hit the bonus and after 3 spins, there are no trains for “on board”. You could win $0 literally. But if you hit multiple on board then that’s jackpot! Interesting slot indeed

    • We just keep thinking what it would be like to land a progressive early on and get lots of trains 🤯 Thank you for watching KT! ~m&g

    • KT Heng this machine has the three spins when you get 6 trains if you do not land a train in the 3 spins you get just the starting bonus (value of the coins displayed) so you still win something.

  11. Good to see an amazing win – Australian here and enjoyed this session.

    • Glad you enjoyed the video Katrina! Thank you for watching 🇦🇺 ~m&g

  12. Hi Mark and Gretchen here in Australia you find that the progressives are all the same on each denom so you guys would find that playing the lower denom will be more lines for you and the minis etc will match you bet as you go higher . Try it out and see it might be different over there in USA. I know how more lines is better for the same progressive amount. Keep up the videos guys . Between you and ng keeps me well entertained

    • We will have to pay closer attention to the progressives next time we go to play and see if it is the same for us as it is for you! Thanks for the heads up and thank you for watching Alan! ~m&g

  13. Nice win Im currently addicted to this game over lightning link and in the train feature you want one train per spin so your tally adds more to your overall win.

    • Good to know!! Thank you for watching and good luck for your next spin 🍀🥂🍀~m&g

    • Cant wait to play it some more and really see what it can do 😉 Thanks for watching Anna! ~m&g

  14. Finally a Konami machine that we can get behind 🚆! All aboard!!!!! Fantastic win on this one. Absolutely epic bonus

    • You got that right! Good on you Konami for putting out a machine that Konami haters enjoy😉 ~m&g

  15. Man, thats MASSIVE! The first handy on YT for All Aboard in the US! I play it on MyKonami Slots. GG, Mark!

    • @MGSlots 21 sorry its called Shinobi. I hope you like it if you ever play it and well done on your massive win too 🍀🍀👏👏😊😊

    • We havent seen the samurai one yet but cant wait! Thank you for watching Brendon! ~m&g

  16. There’s about 5 or 6 varieties of these in Aus, bloody popular

    • @Miss Eye Spy Are you from Melbourne like me? Been locked up for 6 months

    • Havnt seen these yet I am in lockdown town lol maybe for Xmas if we lucky ! Looks great good win fantastic

    • Currently 8 versions. The latest ones with the multipliers are definitely the best free games!

    • Hope we get to see all those versions soon 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻! ~m&g

  17. That is a great game to play especially when its hot! Way to go!👍😄💖

  18. Have this game and the others in new zealand too .
    You should try all the denoms

  19. Bro you killed that ,if you play $25 @ my local casino youll get $7,5,13 dollar coins…congrats

  20. And that’s why we kept telling you to find it because things like this can happen. We would love to see more of this on your channel. Have a great day mark and Gretchen

    • We can only find it in Florida right now so we will film as much as we can when we visit!! Thanks for watching and have a great day too Jacob! ~m&g

  21. My friend got the grand jackpot yesterday 9k on a $1.25 hit…. He put $20 in

  22. Another beauty mg like they say in the slots world that was an epic win congratulations and cheers 🥂🍾 my friend

  23. Wow that was awesome, I wish we had that game here. I cant wait to play it. Thank you for the great video. 🤑🤑🤗

    • Hopefully it will show top soon 🤞🏻🤞🏻 Thanks for watching Charlotte! ~m&g

  24. The sound on these in the USA is rubbish compared to the sound in Australia, much better experience playing them in Australia just based on the sound alone

  25. Wowza! What an amazing win! Fabulous session!! Thanks for sharing it.

  26. Not sure how I missed this one. But glad I saw it! Man I can’t wait to try these. Great hit

    • Sending you lots of luck for when you get to play All Aboard Jessikah! 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀~m&g

  27. Thanks to all those Minis & trains, you just won more than the equivalent of 2 MAXIS!

  28. We have had this In Australia for over 18 months now, it doesn’t like me 😂

    • Sorry to hear that Kristin. Hope your luck turns around 🍀🤞🏻🍀🤞🏻🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀 ~m&g

  29. Wow! Congrats guys! Ive only seen a few videos on this game. Never actually seen it in person. Konami is really coming up with some great machines.

    • They have to do something to keep up with the Firelink, Lock it link, Lightning Links!!! This seems like a good start ~m&g

  30. Amazing session! Love this game, haven’t seen it at any casino in LV though

    • It is just coming out in the US and we know its in Florida and California. Should show up in Vegas soon!! ~m&g

  31. Favorite game here in Australia generally win much bigger prizes on this with the features than the dragon links. Good luck to you guys

    • Thanks for the luck and we hope we can make them pay like we heard you Australians have done! ~m&g

  32. King of pop in the background and the king of popping slots in the building !!! Awesome Mark!

  33. Awesome win, congratulations! I do very well on that game on MyKonami, but Ive played both of those every time Ive been there, and Ive only done a small win on the piggy game. Hopefully, Ill get something like yours soon

  34. YOOOOOO.. I thought this was Australian exclusive only haha. I watch all your videos and love them BUT now this game popping up in the states is gonna have me here 24/7 haha. Such a great game, features are kind of intermittent and inconsistent but when it wants to pay youre in for a treat 😀 Wishing you all the best of luck x

    • We are so excited to finally have it arriving here!! We will definitely be putting some time into All Aboard when we visit Tampa Hard Rock for filming 😉 ~m&g

  35. Amazing. Before thunder arrow (something weird was always up with payouts and free games, then at my casino at least, it just stopped giving any decent payouts after some sort of update) fell of a cliff I remember being so excited that a different company than aristocrat was trying out link style games.

    Now Im happy to see Konami seemingly nailed a decent paying, link style. On top of that Thunder Arrow seems to back to normal as well.

    Gratz on the win.

    P.S. In regards to Thunder Arrow, I dont mean a string of bad luck, I mean arrow bonuses paying like $5 to $10 when you are max betting on higher denoms. It was like that for so long at my casino. Just so weird. Like it was acting like you bet 50 cents. Since it barely got played, it took forever to get looked at.

    • Glad Thunder Arrow seems to have turned around for you and you enjoy All Aboard games!! Thanks for watching! ~m&g

  36. Wow that is an amazing game. I hope we get that machine here in Vancouver BC Canada when the casinos open up. Still closed since the pandemic started. Still enjoy your videos mg21 and Gretchens sunday mornings

  37. Im staggered that this only has found its way into the US just now. Its been in Oz for close to 2 years, theres a few derivatives of this game. The potential is exotic but sadly for us here in Victoria we have not been able to play a pokie in anger since March. Nice to see some real action here from your play!

    • Some games are exclusive to certain places but we are so happy Aristocrat finally decided to bring this to us here!! Hope you can get back to the pokies soon 🤞🏻 ~m&g

  38. Yes!!!! Weve had this in New Zealand for a while now too. Love it!! Great win!! 👏👏

    • Its so good! We are jealous that you have had it for so long already 😉 Thank you for watching! ~m&g

  39. NICE! Glad you got to see the potential first hand. $6260 off a $25 bet, what a great return. Hopefully this is your new Fav so we get to see lots more sessions on it 🙂

    • So excited! Unfortunately it is a plane ride away, but we will play as much as we can when we visit!! ~m&g

  40. Congratulations 🎉🎈🍾
    So happy for you guys!!!

  41. I’m playing this game on MyKONAMI slot app with fake money is still don’t win as much than you playing it in real life with real money 😂

  42. Hi Mark, we have these games in New Zealand and I was just at the Christchurch Casino today and these games always seem to be taken. They have great potential and the key is to get 1 train to drop down at a time as you managed to do here. Thanks for the video.

    • 1 at a time….thanks for telling us that!!! 🤞🏻for another great session with 1 at a time next time!! ~m&g


    • Thanks so much!! It is such a fun game! We hope our viewers get to play it soon! 🤞🏻 ~m&g

  44. HOLY TRAINS that was a mammoth win second time around. always leaving the last train to drop in, and send your anxiety thru the roof!

  45. I won the grand on 23 July 2020. Was betting $5 to win the grand in total $8,948.53 I nearly fell off my chair.

    • Wow! Nice win jasmin! Always exciting to hear when our viewers win something big 🎉~m&g

  46. Like, Aaron would say…… Chooooo Chooooo! Awesome jackpot you two! Konami Player at heart ❤️

  47. great video with great wins unlike other channel whom show long n boring plays like $5/spin

  48. YAY Mark and Gretchen, you finally got this machine!!! This is the ones I was telling you about AGGGEEESSSSS ago. Hoes Australua trip planning going?? 😂😂😂

    • @MGSlots 21 same, and it essentially has 3 features in it which can be huge if betting high amounts.

    • Bea Long thanks Bea…watching them all now…can’t wait to find these in the US

    • @MGSlots 21 if you have a look at Carla Vegas Loving Aussies page, she has clips up of all if them. I shared your YT with her after that massive piggy banking last week that still has me daydreaming when its my turn. The main train ones are – Dynamite Dollars, Dancing Dragons, Go West, Ninja Warrior, Bali Treasures. They all have variations and bonuses but yes, great fun to play when theyre nicely warmed up.

  49. Cool 😎 Game I saw it on your Live other day!! I’m sorry I missed you Again!! Maybe next time 😄❤️😍😷😷😷

  50. That was awesome. That bonus was hot. I love Konami games when you can maximize the bonuses.

  51. The train brought a very nice bonus, congratulations 😀 Fun playing 😀

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