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James Bond: Quantum of Solace

peter sellers, woody allen gibi isimlere rağmen vasatı dakika boyunca aşabilmiş bir film. dağın fare doğurması gibi bişey olmuş. woody allen ın rolunden. A Plague Tale:Innocence İnceleme Amicia ve Hugo’yu Gerçekte Seslendiren Top 10 Free Battle Royale Games Pubg Alternatifi Ücretsiz 10 Oyun Five years ago, Carl Johnson gta casino royale incelemesi from the pressures of life in Los Santos, San Andreas​, Revisiting Grand Theft Auto 2 the weirdest GTA of them all Oyun Dünyası.

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  1. this car crash scene is wrong. if you turn your car right to avoid hitting Eva Green, right wheels should be lift, not the left ones.

  2. 0:50 best clip ever in this scene! <3 Can you you say Achievement unlocked - Rolled Over? 😉

  3. When the stunt team tried to flip the Aston Martin DBS, they found the car too stable to be overturned by an 18 ramp. In their last attempt, they fitted the DBS with a gas cannon and ended up rolling the car a total of 7 times, accidentally setting a new world record.

  4. இப்படி சல்லி சல்லி யா ஒடச்சிட்டேங்களே

    • Im literally watching this scene right now thinking that very same thing!!! How hard would it have been & is it too much ask for a little help?!😭😭😭

    • Even if she did, she wouldn’t have time with the speed Bond was driving at

    • I had the same though, you gotta be pretty fucking stupid to try to untie yourself without moving off the road.

  5. i would have just continued driving and run over the lady DBS is a nice car

  6. In casino royale:never ever drive so fast with a car Aston Martin if you drive so fast the street is slippery and you will wreak harder

  7. This has to be the dullest bond car and dullest bond car chase.
    Exciting spy stuff in the car = It has an AED defibrillator like your local train station.
    Car chase = Bond drives, never catches up to the baddies and then he crashes.

    The man who can destroy a squadron of cars filled with armed henchmen while being unarmed and driving a 2CV, crashes his AED equipped Aston on a country road because Vespa is taking a nap on the asphalt.

    • This doesnt even qualify as a chase, we had to wait until the next movie to get one. Even the boring one we get in Spectre was better than this.

    • @Redux Films So make me, soy drinker!
      Also judgemental is 1 word. Stick to simpler buzzwords like Racist and Bigot.

  8. In real life that crash would never happen. The Aston Martin DBS has a low centre of gravity and stability control; its a very stable car.

  9. Bond. The one guy that could fvck up a DBS, and its perfectly acceptable.

  10. wow….that is a really smart idea….like, horrible….but why have I never seen that be done in a car chase scene before xD thats so smart….

    • Mairi Stewart that is a good point, it is entirely reasonable that they just pulled off the road, especially since bond gets captured right after this.

    • @dougthealligator yeah, but I guess if they didnt care about Vesper and Bond was really close to them they could have just thrown her out of the car. (I get that yeah in this scene it wouldnt work, or….I mean it could….if they parked the car nearby and turned off all the lights James wouldnt have noticed)

    • Mairi Stewart I mean the most unbelievable thing about this is that the lead car would be able to stop, dump Vesper, and take off again unnoticed before ol jimmy came along. If you tried to recreate this in real life, the chase car would’ve caught up before you got your seatbelt off.

  11. Try to hide your hand, forget how to feel. Life is gone with just a spin of the wheel.

  12. Is a DBS,! V12 DBS . Taut I saw a puddy cat Vanquish! Wish theyd added a bit more to his initial kick ass out of the parking lot pursuit!

  13. Love me some XJR… although the back seat has virtually no leg room. Would be difficult to do a proper kidnapping. Got one in Seafoam Mist and I know… troublesome for kidnaps.

  14. Not only does this movie show how sexy Daniel Craig is, but also it shows how James Bond was changed to be a more mignificant and high~trained character. James Bond is a movie redefined as brave and powerful handsome man, along with his extraordinary skills. He was the man who handled with the difficulties with smoothness and intelligence.

  15. I know its a film so has a number of unrealistic things in it, but this is a European car? Health and safety would have a field day with that cars lack of air bags 😂😂😂

    • I wonder if the airbags only deploy in a frontal or rear impact, the fact that the car flipped its side impact airbags that should deploy if it had them.

  16. I only wish 2 things, that the chase was WAY longer with more action like in Die Another Day and Quantum of Solace, and B that the car wasnt completely destroyed and was still driveable.

  17. I remember a version of this where they edited james actualy running over the girl and they edited a smirk on his face after that but i cant seem to find that video for some dam reason

  18. i always imagine . while he was driving…and he suddenly took a sharp turn to avoid Vesper….
    he must be worried that he might have hit Vesper, rather than fearing for his own life

  19. *The Aston Martin Deserves To Get Wrecked Crashed! They’re In Extreme Perspiration Hyperhidrosis!*

    • Its a real crash, it required a pressurized cannon however in order to force the vehicle to roll over. They had multiple takes where they attempted to roll it but instead it just power-slid into the grass, the first take after they put the cannon in is the take you see here. After installing that cannon, the first attempt was golden and they didnt need to do it again.

    • Yeah but its not fake tho they really did crash that aston martin with a stuntman in it

    • @ALEX ORTIZ so relatable! Every time i get out of work i crash my aston martin and nearly die

    • What why? This car chase is 10x better than the one in Quantum of Solace and only need to be a few seconds.

    • Evan Bernard This scene is an updated version of the one in the book, where Bond is chasing Le Chiffre and ends up crashing his Bentley.

  20. Right, we have 5 Astons here and we want you to crash it and see how many times you can flip it over for us. We want it to be at least flipped 5 times.


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